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Mending 101 kit

Mending 101 kit

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Basic mending kit for purchase recommended for Rachels Mending 101 class.

* This kit does not include directions. 

Group and private lessons that can be purchased separately by contacting Rachel to set up a in person lesson or live video class.

Basic mending skills can be a little daunting! Especially if it’s been a while since you’ve sewn on a button. Rachel Hearn will bring an approachable way to mending. No previous experience necessary. 

This class will cover how to darn a hole in a sweater, sew on a coat button, as well as a shirt button, (yes there is a difference), and a few ways to mend a pair of ripped pants. 

You will leave with the confidence and skills to add new life into your clothing that you thought had seen better days! 


Mending Kit includes: 

Hand Needles selection of sizes

Drawstring bag 

Wooden needle case

Stainless Steel Folding Scissors

Seam Ripper

Wire Loop Needle Threader

Gift Bag

Five spools of polyester thread

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